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I am Rochelle Washington, an author, speaker,  facilitator, and servant. I am excited that you have decided to visit with me for a few minutes. Please take your time and get to know more about how I am inspired to make change.  My book, I Testify Seven Days of Healing, is a powerful book that discusses the daily reality of someone who is forced to function in dysfunction.  My experience as a survivor and overcomer of sexual abuse is certainly an example of from pain to purpose. It is my mission to continue to write about subjects that bring about healing, change, restoration, and the power to persevere through trauma, devastation, and trials of life.

My writing style is conversational, humorous, relatable, and yet addresses the need for change in our communities, and our world. I typically like to write about issues that will respect the opinion of some while serving as a testament of truth for others. Let’s just say that I love to accept the challenge to expose controversial matters and invoke healthy perspectives. Because of my determination to want to see change, I have accepted the quote by Mahatma Ghandi “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I Testify Seven Days of Healing was the project that made me practice what I preach and encouraged me to be “the change”.

 I Testify Seven Days of Healing

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