Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Entrepreneur and Sexual Abuse Advocate

Rochelle is the author of I Testify Seven Days of Healing. Rochelle has a passion to want to see others bounce back from hardships and painful situations, and somehow discover the purpose that was buried deep from within. Her focus is to help those who can relate to where she came from. Meaning, it is her spiritual assignment to share ALL parts of her life so that others would have an example of what pain to purpose, and chaos to correction looks like. It is because of many failures and life’s lessons that Rochelle is determined to reach those who have been robbed of their innocence, and coerced out of their dreams, and help them find creative strategies towards healing and self-discovery.

As an advocate of sexual abuse, Rochelle has decided to reach as many people as possible that may have called it quits on life. Her aim is to share her experience to help those who need to hit the RESET button in their life. Rochelle believes that one of her God-given gifts is to seek out greatness in all humans. When she is not spending quality family time, or indulging in activity that promotes balance and self-care, she is out in the community pouring into the lives of women from various backgrounds and speaking life into lifeless situations. Rochelle believes that “Keeping focused on the bigger picture is important, but guidance to the next step is very necessary." You can witness firsthand her ability to gain strength from what was designed to literally take her out by engaging in her memoir, I Testify-Seven Days of Healing.  

Throughout many setbacks and challenges in her life, Rochelle has decided to rise to the occasion and do more than what was expected of her. Rochelle's speaking style allows her to connect with people from various backgrounds and age groups. Rochelle’s focus is healing, restoration, perseverance, and balance. Her ability to push past the big “A (Adversity)” certainly brings hope to what is otherwise considered as hopeless.

Rochelle believes in the “Power of one.” All it takes is one right person, one right word, one right action, one right idea, and one right moment to help encourage someone to make their life better.

Rochelle the Facilitator

Because of Rochelle’s passion to see others excel and move forward in their purpose, she has created a few signature workshops to assist with the process of healing, change, and restoration. You want attend one of these interactive sessions. Go to the events page to keep up with the next workshop.  Connect with Rochelle if you would like to host a workshop for your organization.

Forgive to Heal

Focus: Seven Steps to Healing

WTH (Write to Heal)

Focus: Journaling as a method of healing

Let’s Talk About I.T.

Focus: Inappropriate Touching and Sexual Abuse Prevention (Created for ages 13-21)

Rochelle the Speaker

Rochelle is on a mission to use her voice to make a change.  With an unorthodox approach, and creative messaging, Rochelle likes to connect with her audience by speaking in a conversational manner. Her focus is to see a transformation while in her presence. Rochelle hopes that her delivery is provoking the purpose in those who may have forgotten who they are, or yet to understand their contribution to the world.  Connect with Rochelle if you are interested in hearing more about the speaking topics listed below.

The Transformation to Triumph

Focus: Overcoming Adversity

From Promiscuity to the Promise

Focus: The results of promiscuity

Girl, You Got This

Perseverance, Encouragement, Winning Attitude

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