You Can Always Bounce Back

I have been gone for a long time on this blog post, but I have have vowed that since 6.28.20 that I will do my best to be more consistent to serve the tribe that God has assigned me to. Who is that Rochelle? I am talking about the young girl, the black girl,the minority girl, the young woman, the black woman, the silenced woman, the woman who has lost her voice in this journey called life. I am here for the woman who has jumped hurdles and each time she thought she was going to land on her feet, she fell, and failed at an opportunity that she thought was the next best "Golden" thing. She thought that thing was going to be the golden ticket to pull her up from the environment that handed her a fistful of pain, hurt, disappointment, loss, and much frustration to the point to where she always wanted to give up!

But I say to her...Please don't do that! YOU, yes you, and that's if you're her, it's only a test! It's a test of your faith. It's a test to see if you are going to be able to make the next stretch and jump the next hurdle or obstacle that was designed to build up your faith muscles. It's much like a "believer's six pack." Each time that you're feeling low, remember that you have the capacity to BOUNCE BACK! A more sophisticated word is persevere. These challenges are designed to see if you are able to pull through your temporary storm, situation, trial, or however you choose to refer to it. Now, allow me to say this, that moment may seem to be a lifetime! I have been there. I have experienced time and time again where I desired for my cup to pass me by, and do so in a hurry, and it did not. But you know what, I bounced back.

By the grace of the God Lord above, and His hand that He keeps over my life, I am able to get through these challenges, and so can YOU! So remember, YOU CAN ALWAYS BOUNCE BACK! This is what I share in my book I Testify- Seven Days of Healing. I want to encourage you as we all get through these "Rona" times , that we have the ability to "Bounce Back" from loss. It will take time. It will take much determination. It will take a moment to process much of what is going on, but we must not lose hope. We will have to lean on each other, and be resources and helpers to one another. Let's find ways to "Bounce Back."

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