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Book Reviews

Though this is a difficult topic and I'm not personally effected, it offers GREAT insight into the heart, mind, and spirit of those effected by this common issue. I laughed cried and learned.

This topics effects SO MANY ppl on EVERY level of life and my prayer is that this book will bring hope and strength to those that need it.

Rochelle's lesson's of forgiveness and growth can be applied to any past hurts (we ALL have them). 

Unfortunately we ALL know someone touched by this horrible experience and if you haven't been able to find the words to say, use Rochelle's by giving this as a gift of HEALING AND HOPE!

Very well written book on overcoming child molestation that focuses on ones faith in God.

... your book will definitely help others, because it helped me, thanks for sharing your story and allowing God to use you.

I recommend this read for anyone whom has ever been a victim of sexual abuse or is a parent or caretaker for a child whom is suspected of being physically abused, be it male or female

Incredible story of restoration and forgiveness.

Kudos to Rochelle Washington for speaking her truths, though very heavy and painful

Very insightful on the topic. Helps me to understand people who've been through this ordeal. Thank you for sharing your story

Take a day better, yet take seven to read and be a witness of a journey of a woman's self awareness and often painful truth of sexual abuse and through her testimony before a judge ( without judgement) , how speaking truth really has set her free.-

Although the book is an easy read, it offers 7 days of healthy tips that are applicable to those affected directly and indirectly from abuse. Props to the author.

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